Tape - Reflective

Tape - Reflective

Product Code: 5601

$450.00 + G.S.T.
Reflective Tape - Red - Adhesive $450.00
Reflective Tape - Red/White - Adhesive $450.00
Reflective Tape - White - Adhesive $450.00
Reflective Tape - Yellow/Black - Adhesive $450.00

The diamond grade reflective is one of the highest reflective in the market. It's best use is for the back of vehicles  such as large trucks and machinery, also good for the end of your drive to mark your fence or letter box. Sold by the roll.
Colours avaliable:

Red/White stripped

Reflective Tape

  • 47.5m (L) 50mm (W)
  • Self Adhesive
  • Diamond Grade
  • Price is Excluding GST and Freight. If you have any questions please contacts us on  Products@trafficrus.co.nz