Our traffic management work encompasses a wide range of clients and applications. No project is too big or too small. We manage everything from large-scale events to small road layout changes.

We've aided demolition projects, managed traffic at sites under development, assisted significant motorway expansion and helped with bridge construction.

No matter the size of your project, we ensure traffic is managed safely, smoothly and cost-effectively. Our methods are precise and adaptable.

In all of this work we pride ourselves on working in partnership with you to achieve your goal. We tailor traffic management solutions to cater for the specific requirements of each project.


Ice Fest

For a month in late 2012 a little bit of Antarctica came to Christchurch.

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Ferrymead Bridge

The Ferrymead Bridge is a vital conduit between the city and hill suburbs.

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Buskers Festival

One of the events of the year, the Buskers festival requires serious traffic management.

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Christmas in the Park

It’s not just Santa who needs to navigate around Christchurch at Christmas.

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Residential Demolition

Aldwins Road is a busy thoroughfare with several roadworks going on.

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Roundabout Change

The Riccarton Road roundabout required a new sewer line running to and underneath it.

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