Welcome to Traffic R Us

Traffic management is more than road cones and vehicle routes.
Our plans and methods ensure a smooth, safe and convenient flow of traffic.

Important Announcement

Over the last few years we have become very diverse with many services. It has been an enjoyable time for us and we would like to thank our staff, customers, friends and family for going on this journey with us.

We like to believe we are a leader, we work with leaders. Our long history of innovation and support keeps you ahead of the curve, and we want you to think of our traffic management service to be unequalled.

With this in mind, we have decided to put 100% of our focus back to Willy’s passion TTM, which he started over 10 years ago with the help of some good friends.

We no longer have a products sale department which has been sold to someone most of you will know well and we hope you will continue to support them.

We are now Traffic R Us TTM only.

Traffic Management Solutions

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Detailed Traffic Management

Our traffic management plans are detailed and fit-for-purpose.

Safety and convenience underpin everything we do at Traffic R Us. We ensure traffic flows smoothly with minimal disruption, but we never compromise on safety.

Safe and smooth Traffic Management

With Traffic R Us, you get a safe, efficient and reliable traffic management service.

We prepare for a huge range of contingencies and have the experience and expertise to adapt when needed. Most of our people grew up driving on the roads of Christchurch. That local understanding gives us an innate knowledge of what’s required to manage traffic in this city.

Minimise Traffic Delays

For us, traffic management is about minimising delays and disruption without compromising safety. We want everyone to have a smooth ride.