Speed Hump - Heavy Duty

Speed Hump - Heavy Duty

$29.95 - $51.45 + G.S.T.
75mm - Black $51.45
75mm - Yellow $51.45
75mm - Black - End $29.95
75mm - Yellow - End $29.95

This speed hump is 75mm high Heavy Duty which is very effective at slowing down both passenger vehicles and larger trucks down to under 30km/hr.
It is made from an injection-molded high resistant rubber compound that produces a very heavy duty crash resistant speed hump.  

It is used in a wide variety of applications including controlling vehicle speeds in shopping centers, warehouses, car parks, commercial premises and private roads.
They can also be used in conjunction with a sealant to channel water away from pooling zones. It can also be used as a bund for oil or solvent spills.


Yellow and Black sections - High quality rubber

Mid section: 13KG - 500mm(L) x 75mm (H) x 500mm (W) - 4 fixings 

Ed Caps: 5KG - 210mm(L) x 75mm (H)  x 500mm (W) - 3 fixings