Eco Cone

Eco Cone

Product Code: 5511

$29.50 - $35.00 + G.S.T.
4.5 KG $29.50
5.5 KG $32.00
6.5 KG $35.00

The Eco-Cone is both an environmentally and economically friendly road cone option. Once again it is a slim profile cone made from an interlocking 2 piece construction between the recycled PVC base and the virgin PVC cone. 

The premium fluorescent PVC in the top part of the cone is injected into the pathways of the recycled PVC in the base to create a single inseparable cone that will not break/tear/seperate even when run over multiple times by heavy trucks. 

The extra weight makes it a very stable cone and it is approved for use on NZ roads and will be ideal on motorways or in areas where there is high winds or fast moving traffic. Make an inquiry, you may be surprised at the great value for money this safety cone is. 

  • 4.5kg/6.5kg
  • 900mm (H)
  • 2 piece interlocking construction
  • Recycled PVC base
  • UV stabilised
  • High quality PVC
  • Cone collars
  • NZTA compliant

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