Ice Fest

For a month in late 2012 a little bit of Antarctica came to Christchurch.

The New Zealand Ice Fest took place at Hagley Park. It served up over 100 speakers, 65 unique events and, for us, a range of exciting challenges in traffic management.

Such was our appreciation for this new event that we took up a sponsorship of the event early on. And this innovative festival has been a success story for Christchurch – one that heralded a new trend in residential behaviour.

The earthquakes having abated, more and more people are coming out to city events. The greater numbers requires more detailed planning for the traffic requirements.

With approximately 100,000 visitors to the site, and a range of different roadworks sites in adjacent streets, this planning needed to be completed well in advance. The work we did in the months leading up to this festival paid dividends over the course of the event. Our TMP designers ensured everything ran smoothly and our road team kept communication channels open and the roads clear of obstruction.